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Local Products

Our visitors who want to experience during their stay or want to take with them some of the “particular tastes” of Sifnos can choose among the following local products:

  • Thyme honey of excellent quality
  • Cheeses (xinomizithra, chloromanoura, manoura matured in wine lees)
  • Local seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Fresh eggs
  • Caper
  • Sweets (biscuits, casserole marzipans, marzipans in the oven, marzipans with powdered sugar, pastelis (honeyand sesame candy bars), cookies, patties, halvadopitas (nougats of sesame with almonds in a thin crust), loukoums, vanillas (vanilla flavored, white cream that you lick off a spoondipped in ice-cold water), marmalades, sweet fruit preserves etc.)
  • Local wine of small producers
  • Herbs (oregano, sage, pennyroyal, marjoram etc.)
  • The famous ceramics of Sifnos (utilitarian and decorative objects)

If you are interested in any of the above products inform our Reception to help you find it!

Pics of Local Products